About Me

About Me

About me The Lavender PantryFrom a little girl no higher than your knee I would have tea parties with my dollies, make pots of tea from the petals in our garden and pretend to drink it pinky up, i’d spend hours browsing through books about collectables and scour antique shops with my parents looking for precious finds. So it’s no surprise to those who know me today that I am inspired by the elegance of a bygone era and have a passion for pretty vintage china and a love for afternoon tea.

My name is Laura and I live in beautiful West Sussex with my boyfriend Chris. We are surrounded by Vintage shops and tea rooms where I can often be found hunting for unique treasures and drinking tea with family and friends.

My love of everything vintage is evident in every part of my life from the ditsy floral fabrics I wear to the house I live in and the furniture I lovingly restore, this style is me.

As a marketeer I understand the importance of detail and have a keen flair for design, I love the challenge of making things look pretty and have the enthusiasm to help others do the same.

The Lavender Pantry was once a dream but now with a large collection of beautiful mismatched china that I have very much enjoyed collecting  I am able to share this with you and help make your event extra special by adding a unique touch and creating a memorable experience.

With love and lots of scrumptious tea and cake,