Our Services and Prices

To me the collection is priceless but for you I must charge. I have tried to be as competitive as possible and hope you agree The Lavender Pantry is great value. If you can’t see what you are looking for please get in touch.
Heart Pretty items for loan Heart Price
Delicate matching trios (teacup, saucer and small cake plate) £2.00 each
Pretty Teapots (a real mixture of shapes and sizes) £4.00 each
Sweet sugar bowls £1.00 each
Milk jugs £1.00 each
Oblong and round, sandwich and cake plates £1.50 each
Small cream and jam bowls £1.00 each
A Mixture of bowls £1.50 each
One tier glass or porcelain stands £3.00 each
Two tier porcelain cake stands £4.00 each
Three tier porcelain cake stands £5.00 each
Original Kilner jars in a mixture of sizes, great for floral displays £2.00 each
5 Litre Kilner drinks dispenser £7.00 each
Mini milk bottles in a pretty basket and look lovely with pretty paper straws £1.00 each
Lovely Vintage bottles all shapes and sizes for floral displays £1.00 each
Napkin rings £1.00 each
Petty mismatched white linen Napkins £1.00 each (this includes laundering)
A mixture of small table cloths £4.00 each
Doilies 50p each
Teaspoons 20p each
Cake forks 20p each
Cake slice £2.00 each
Large cake knife £2.00 each
Sugar tongs £1.00 each
Old suitcase £7.00
Teacup bird feeder on a long wire stand, a great prop for a garden party £5.00
Small oval freestanding ornate mirror, perfect for writing small messages on £8.00
Ditsy bunting £4.00 per length
Empty Tea box £10.00
Styling and clear down services offered From £100*
Delivery and collections of items Free collection and delivery within 10 miles of RH10. Unfortunately the car needs fuel so a small charge of 50p per mile applies when outside this area.

*depending on event size and the duration of the day.